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Collateral Velocity, Inc., provides certain and immediate low-cost liquidity for healthcare organizations, while improving banking relationships, revenues and relevance.

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Meet the Team

We provide certain and immediate low-cost liquidity for healthcare organizations, while improving relationships, revenues and relevance to banks that serve fixed income investors.

Chris Langley

CEO/COO, Co-Founder

Chris Langley has extensive experience delivering strategic credit, market, and liquidity solutions, and system integrations across middle and back office, including regulatory implementation for some of the nation’s largest banks. Langley regularly advises banks in the development of automation and data-driven operations to more efficiently deploy capital and support outcomes-based financing strategies. He holds a Masters in Information Systems from Marist College.

Sylvain Raynes, Ph.D

Chief Information Officer, Co-Founder

Sylvain Raynes is a highly-regarded expert in developing credit risk analytical methods for alternative or esoteric asset-backed securities, including medical receivables. He co-authored The Analysis of Structured Securities: Precise Risk Measurement and Capital Allocation, a framework for systematic assessment of the credit quality of structured securities. Raynes holds a Masters in numerical analysis, and a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, both from Princeton University.

Olivia Zhao

Medical Claims Valuation Analyst

Olivia Zhao has six years of professional experience in the field of Structured Finance (ABS, RMBS and CLOs) and Credit Risk Management. Olivia specializes in helping clients fulfill their expectations with transaction supports throughout the deal lifecycle, cash flow modeling and quantitative analysis, creating credit reports, data analysis and database management, internal system enhancement and maintenance, and business development.


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